Simultaneous Thermochemoradiotherapy in Glioblastoma Treatment

Preliminary Results from Tomsk, National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The treatment of glioblastomas, the most common and most aggressive type of brain tumours, is difficult and has had limited success to date. We refer here to interesting work from the Cancer Research Institute in Tomsk and the National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Siberian State Medical University in Tomsk and the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University.
Anastasiya I. Ryabova, Valery A. Novikov, Olga V. Gribova, Evgeny L. Choynzonov, Zhanna A. Startseva, Evgeny G. Grigoryev, Irina A. Miloichikova, Nataliya D. Turgunova and Polina V. Surkova

Abstract and Conclusion

Glioblastoma is one of the most common brain tumors and has a very poor prognosis. With this pathology the survival rate of a patient is about 3 months but in the development of the last years with an intensive combination treatment of surgery, chemo-radiotherapy and hyperthermia median survival times of about 2 years can be achieved. Between December 2013 and August 2017, 30 patients with newly diagnosed supratentential glioblastoma were treated with transcranial radiofrequency hyperthermia in addition to concomitant chemotherapy. The median follow-up time after surgery in this study was 12 months (95% confidence interval (CI): 8.5-23 months).

The median disease-free survival time was 9.6 months (95% CI: 7.2-19.0 months). The median overall survival of the study patients was 23.4 months. Fortunately, no increase in systemic side effects of chemotherapy was found compared to the frequency described in the patent group. Initial results had shown that the use of concomitant thermochemoradiotherapy with transcranial radiofrequency hyperthermia improved the progression-free survival rate and overall survival rates also tended to increase. Since no major complications have been identified with the treatments to date, research in Tomsk will be continued to achieve statistically significant results and further consolidate the treatment strategy.

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