A genius at work.

The most important contributor at Celsius42 is the human body. It is a true genius.

The body. Perfect biotechnology.

The body. Perfect biotechnology.

Our engineers and developers have learned everything they know about hyperthermia from it. In Eschweiler, we explore the body’s own processes and transform them into innovative medical technology.

Together we achieve perfection.

Engineers and physicians are cooperating in the development of Celsius42 products and innovation. Their ideas come from physical biosystems, and day-to-day clinical practice serves as the touchstone. We create powerful medical technology to gently work with the body.

Together we achieve perfection.

Everyone is unique.

Accordingly, every disease is individual as well. Celsius42 is dedicated to putting people and their personalities first. This perspective results in a treatment concept that is entirely focused on flexibility.
The TCS – Tumor Cell Solution system works precisely in the place where heat and support are needed. The Celsius42 team lives this responsibility every day. To develop medical technology that brings therapy to the point. Individually. With focus on people. Successfully.

Everyone is unique.

Excellent medical technology is compassionate.

Innovative medical technology is designed to reduce suffering and speed up recovery. To us at Celsius42, that means thinking about people first and about technology second. Our technology works gently and effectively in tune with the body’s own processes. Take the example of the hyperthermia system TCS – Tumor Cell Solution.

Excellent medical technology is compassionate.

If you are feeling well…

… our developers and engineers are on the right track. Technology in the service of people. That’s what we’re working on. You can count on it.


Christian Hartmann

Managing Director

Holger Klöpper

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Melanie Oelbracht

Bachelor of Science
Qualitätsmanagement / Sicherheitsbeauftragte

Claudia Coenen

Dipl. Kff.
Authorized officer
HR & Accounting

Career at Celsius42

Celsius42 GmbH is a globally operating sales organization. With our Celsius TCS hyperthermia system for regional hyperthermia treatment, we provide clinics and oncology outpatient centers with innovative medical technology for cancer therapy.

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Career at Celsius42

Celsius42. International competence

As equipment manufacturer, we have a large network of competent partners who are able to provide sales and service to our high standards locally. We will be happy to put you in touch with them. Please send us a short note with your contact details. We will immediately forward your information to our partner.


Celsius42. International competence

Manufacturer service...

...doesn’t get any better. Those who develop, implement, produce and design are familiar with every detail of their product. They know every concept that was turned into technology.

Celsius42 offers a support model in which
1. Development
2. Field service
3. In-house service
are available at any time, backed by the full know-how of a manufacturing company

Manufacturer service...

We want you to be sure ...

... sure to have chosen the right hyperthermia partner. That's why we keep putting our quality to the test. Internal and external.

Our certificates:

EG certificate DE
EG certificate EN

DIN13485 certificate DE
DIN13485 certificate EN
DIN13485 certificate IT
DIN13485 certificate ES

EG declaration of conformity TCS

We want you to be sure ...
We want you to know more.

We want you to know more.

The Celsius42 technical training for the TCS –Tumor Cell Solution system consists of four modules– for different user groups.

Module 1. For hospitals, users and partners. Learn to come up with an independent error analysis.

Module 2. For technicians. This training teaches a detailed understanding of the TCS technology to enable independent maintenance and minor repairs.

Module 3. Knowledge transfer for our cooperation partners in other countries. This module guarantees manufacturer expertise on an international scale. In every Celsius42 country.

Module 4. Celsius42 Academy. Held in our partner hospitals and with leading physicians, these events discuss the technical aspects of hyperthermia along with medical-clinical application aspects.


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