Dr. med. Markus Notter

Markus Notter has been actively engaged in the development and establishment of superficial hyperthermia at Aarau (Switzerland) cantonal hospital since the completion of his medical degree in 1983 and starting his training as a radiation oncologist in 1984. From 1987, he also became involved in the study of deep tissue hyperthermia. Some of Notter’s publications and communications on the first successes in combining hyperthermia and radiotherapy, accomplished together with his mentor and chief physician, Dr. N. Schwegler, date from that time. After his promotion to senior physician and deputy chief physician in 1999, Notter initially remained at Aurau cantonal hospital until early 2005 and then took over the management of the radiation oncology unit at the HNE La Chaux-de-Fonds cantonal hospital, where he continued and expanded his work on superficial hyperthermia with microwaves. In 2009, he came up with the idea of thermographically controlled infrared superficial hyperthermia to better meet the demands of large-scale recurrent lesions in the chest wall. Notter became part of the radiation oncology team of Lindenhof hospital in Berne in June 2015, where he was, unsurprisingly, involved in establishing hyperthermia. Based on the success he achieved with low-dose hypofractionated re-radiation in combination with water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) hyperthermia, he managed to turn the department into a “reference center” for this application, particularly for patients with locally recurring, previously irradiated inoperable breast cancer that has become resistant to medications such as anti-hormones, chemotherapy or immunotherapy.


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