CASE: Pankreas Patient

Treating Clinic
Center for Integrative Oncology, Zürich,
Dr. B.Hübenthal (Doctor of Hematology & Oncologist)

Pankreas Carcinoma

Clinical initial Situation
Unexpected detection of peritoneal carcinosis after surgery of an navel hernia
First Diagnosis adeno CUP
PET/CT: Pankreas Carcinoma in the proc. Uncinatus

Treatment: Gemcitabine, Abraxane, local Hyperthermia up 220 W max. with tereatment area: pancreas and liver

1. Control
PET/CT after 3 Months
CR: Liver hilus LN
CR: Liver metastasis of lobus caudatus

2. Control
PET/CT after 6 months:
CR: complete remission!

3. Control
PET/CT after 9 months
CR of liver and lymphnode metastasis

4. Control
PET/CT after 12 months
PD: new sternal metastasis

Consecutive Treatment
second line therapy: Folfox 4 months
plus regional hyperthermia

OS 20 months PFS 12 months compared to mean OS of 6,3 months in unresectable pancreatic CA with chemo Combination of Gemcitabine,. Abraxane and LR-HT is feasible complete remission in the Hyperthermia area

Dr. med. Boris Hübenthal

Holistic medicine has the task of combining conventional medicine and natural medicine (complementary medicine). We capture the entire human being - body, mind and soul - in his environment. The Center for Integrative Oncology - ZIO applies this principle under the direction of Dr. med. med. Boris Hübenthal very successful.

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