13.09.2018, Zürich - Tanks to new immuno-oncological treatment options, the prognosis of many advanced cancers has improved significantly in recent years. With the knowledge of the immunological causes of cancer and the experience gained with new therapeutic options, the patient's immune system, as a significant resource for successful treatment, is becoming more and more of a focus of interest.

In complementary medicine, measures to strengthen immunocompetence have a long tradition. Good scientific evidence exists on the immunomodulating effects of plant compounds, fever, exercise, mindfulness and stress reduction.

The ESIO Update 2018 with its focus on immunotherapies in integrative oncology therefore addresses the question of possible synergies but also potential risks of a combination of targeted immunotherapies with established procedures in complementary medicine.

In addition to an overview of the standards and predictive markers of immuno-oncology, the lectures are also devoted to: the importance of fever, of plant extracts especially of mistletoe, but also of mindful exercise therapies such as healing rhythms and yoga and psychoneuroimmunology.

Hyperthermia, as part of the therapy, forms an important building block in the treatment strategy with important effects for the immune system as well.

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